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Dobrynya Kirillov

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Baatein Urdu Pdf Downloadl: A Collection of Beautiful Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Baatein Urdu Pdf Downloadl: A Collection of Beautiful Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Baatein Urdu Pdf Downloadl is a book that contains a compilation of beautiful and inspiring sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Urdu language. The book is divided into various chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of the Prophet's life, character, teachings, and wisdom. The book aims to provide guidance and motivation to the readers, as well as to increase their love and respect for the Prophet (PBUH).

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Baatein Urdu Pdf Downloadl

The book is available for free download in pdf format from various online sources. The book can be read online or offline, and can be shared with others who are interested in learning more about the Prophet (PBUH) and his noble teachings. The book is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, as it covers topics that are relevant and beneficial for everyone.

Some of the chapters in the book are:

  • Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Zindagi: This chapter describes the life story of the Prophet (PBUH) from his birth to his death, highlighting his major events, achievements, challenges, and miracles.

  • Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Akhlaq: This chapter illustrates the exemplary character and morals of the Prophet (PBUH), such as his honesty, kindness, generosity, humility, patience, forgiveness, justice, and mercy.

  • Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Duaen: This chapter presents some of the supplications and prayers that the Prophet (PBUH) used to make in different situations and occasions, such as before sleeping, after waking up, before eating, after eating, before traveling, after traveling, etc.

  • Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Nasihatein: This chapter offers some of the advices and counsels that the Prophet (PBUH) gave to his companions and followers on various matters, such as faith, worship, family, society, health, wealth, etc.

  • Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Sunnatein: This chapter explains some of the practices and traditions that the Prophet (PBUH) used to follow in his daily life, such as his way of dressing, eating, drinking, speaking, greeting, smiling, etc.

The book is a treasure of knowledge and wisdom that can enrich one's mind and soul. It can also help one to develop a closer relationship with the Prophet (PBUH) and follow his footsteps in every aspect of life. The book is a must-read for every Muslim who loves and admires the Prophet (PBUH) and wants to learn from his example.

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Hadith: This chapter collects some of the authentic and verified sayings of the Prophet (PBUH) that have been reported by his companions and transmitted through reliable chains of narrators. The chapter covers various topics, such as faith, worship, ethics, manners, etiquette, etc.

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Seerat: This chapter summarizes the biography of the Prophet (PBUH) in a concise and comprehensive manner. The chapter highlights the main events and milestones of the Prophet's life, such as his birth, childhood, prophethood, migration, battles, treaties, conquests, death, etc.

Pyare Nabi Ki Pyari Shamaail: This chapter depicts the physical and spiritual features of the Prophet (PBUH), such as his appearance, complexion, hair, beard, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, voice, etc. The chapter also describes his attributes, qualities, habits, preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. 0efd9a6b88

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