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Norton Ghost

How to Use Norton Ghost to Backup and Restore Your Data

Norton Ghost is a powerful and reliable tool that allows you to create and restore backups of your entire hard drive or specific partitions. It can also clone your disk to another one, or create an image file that you can store on an external drive or a network location. Norton Ghost is the latest version of the software, which was released in 2006 by Symantec.

norton ghost

In this article, we will show you how to use Norton Ghost to backup and restore your data using a bootable CD or USB drive. You will need a blank CD or USB drive, and a computer that can boot from it. You will also need the norton ghost file, which you can download from here.

Step 1: Extract the norton ghost file

The norton ghost file is a compressed archive that contains the ISO image of the Norton Ghost bootable CD. You will need to extract it using a software like WinRAR or 7-Zip. To do this, right-click on the file and choose "Extract here" or "Extract to SymantecGhost11512266". You will get a file named SymantecGhost11512266.iso.

Step 2: Burn the ISO image to a CD or USB drive

Next, you will need to burn the ISO image to a blank CD or USB drive using a software like UltraISO or Nero Burning ROM. To do this, insert your CD or USB drive into your computer and launch the software. Then, select the "Burn" or "Write" option and choose the SymantecGhost11512266.iso file as the source. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Step 3: Boot from the CD or USB drive

Now, you will need to boot your computer from the CD or USB drive that contains Norton Ghost To do this, restart your computer and press the appropriate key to enter the BIOS setup menu (usually F2, F10, F12, or Del). Then, go to the "Boot" or "Startup" section and change the boot order so that your CD or USB drive is the first option. Save the changes and exit the BIOS.

Step 4: Run Norton Ghost

Once your computer boots from the CD or USB drive, you will see a menu with several options. Choose "Norton Ghost" and press Enter. You will then see the main interface of Norton Ghost, which looks like this:

From here, you can perform various tasks such as creating or restoring backups, cloning disks, checking disk errors, and more.

Step 5: Backup your data

To backup your data using Norton Ghost, follow these steps:

  • Select "Local" from the menu bar and choose "Disk" or "Partition" depending on whether you want to backup your entire disk or a specific partition.

  • Select the source disk or partition that you want to backup and click "OK".

  • Select "To Image" from the menu bar and choose a destination for your backup image file.

  • Enter a name for your backup image file and click "Save".

  • Select the compression level and password protection options for your backup image file and click "OK".

  • Wait for Norton Ghost to create your backup image file.

  • When done, click "Exit" and remove your CD or USB drive.

Step 6: Restore your data

To restore your data using Norton Ghost 11.5.1 c481cea774

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