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Guide to play 1x2 Betting in Football

1x2 European Betting is one of the most popular forms of betting chosen by many. However, it’s not easy to grasp this type of betting, so investors pay great attention to analyzing and reading 1x2 bets to achieve the highest accuracy and lowest risk.

In the following article, let's analyze the football betting tips today for effectively reading 1x2 bets.


What is 1x2 Betting?

1x2 betting is another term for European betting. This type of betting aims to determine which team is stronger or weaker. It is also one of the three most widely used types of bets today.

When participating in 1x2 betting, players should use their expertise and skills to make the most accurate predictions.

Players might also know 1x2 betting by the name three-way betting. This refers to placing bets on win, lose, or draw. This type of bet is very popular in Europe and America.

This bet has three possible outcomes: win, lose, and draw. You can bet on the team you favor but should consider the odds to make the optimal choice. The disadvantage of 1x2 betting is that it’s not as varied as Asian betting.

How to Read 1x2 Bets Effectively

If you are new to betting, European betting is suitable, but you still need to understand the terms and how to read the bets to avoid losing money. Additionally, European bets often contain many traps.

Terms to Know in 1x2 Betting

On the betting odds table from the bookmaker, European bets will be listed under the 1x2 column. The team written on top is the home team, while the team written below is the away team. The third row will feature the word "Draw" – indicating a draw between the two teams.

The team written in red is considered stronger by the bookmaker, and these teams have better odds compared to their opponents.

When reading 1x2 bets, you will see three vertical rows corresponding to three betting odds for three possible outcomes: win, lose, or draw. 1X2 sequentially corresponds to:

1: Signifies the home team

X: Signifies a draw

2: Signifies the away team

There are only two types of 1x2 bets: full match bets and first half bets, abbreviated as:

FT.1x2: Full match bet

1H.1x2: First half bet

Depending on the odds, players can only bet on three outcomes; the winning rate for each outcome is 33.33%. This is a safe level for new bettors. Even long-time players, if they cannot find much information, will find 1x2 betting a reasonable choice.


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How to Calculate Money for 1×2 Betting

There are two stages for players to calculate the payout when betting on 1×2. Specifically, these include:

Step 1: Calculate the profit before deducting commission fees

Profit before deducting commission fees = betting odds x initial bet amount

At betting platforms, the odds do not include the commission fee, so players need to subtract a commission fee from their profit. The beneficiary of this commission is the bookmaker.

Step 2: Calculate the profit after deducting commission fees

Profit after deducting commission fees = Profit x (odds - 1) x commission fee rate

If the match ends in a win or a draw, you lose the bet, meaning you lose all your stake.

Once you understand how to calculate the betting odds, bettors can compare the profit margins of various bookmakers and discuss to find out which bookmaker on the market currently offers the highest value odds.

Commonly, 1×2 betting will originate from its most basic format.

Effective 1×2 Betting Strategy

In addition to understanding what the 1×2 bet is and how the rules work, you should also equip yourself with useful experiences to win and bring home some money.

You must be decisive in each of your choices. It's either win, lose, or draw. Avoid being indecisive, following the crowd, or supporting your favorite team blindly.

Before engaging in a match, you should carefully research which team is strong and which is weak. From there, you can make reasonable betting decisions. It's best to choose teams with minimal differences between them. If one team is the home team, it's advisable to choose them as they have an advantage.

Remain calm in handling every situation that arises during the match.

You should divide your betting money reasonably. Don't put all your money on one outcome. Sometimes, bookmakers offer high odds to trap you.

Regularly check the bookmakers' odds to keep track. Some bookmakers drastically change odds before the match.

1x2 Betting Experience

To profit from 1x2 betting, professional bettors have the following experiences:

Experience 1: Always analyze the strength of both teams thoroughly before making predictions. Know your enemy, know yourself, and you shall win every battle. So, before deciding to place a bet, make sure you conduct research to draw conclusions.

Experience 2: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. This advice simply suggests not to put all your betting money on one outcome in a single match. According to research, combination bets have higher winning rates.

Experience 3: Always pay attention to betting information because odds are constantly updated. Pay attention to avoid missing out on odds changes.



The above article by Wintips has provided readers with soccer tips app for effectively understanding 1×2 betting. Hopefully, these useful shares have helped you gain more knowledge about this type of betting. As can be seen, betting is not difficult; and don't forget to refer to additional experiences when placing bets to increase your winning rate.

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